Ep. 2- Getting Your License


Here is the long awaited Ep. 2 Getting Your License.

Show Notes

Do you have your license?

Let us know if you are a unlicensed listener so we can assist you with your license-earning escapades.

P.S. – Jacob’s still using a terrible mic…it’s either way too hot or whispering. Don’t worry, I’ll be upgraded by next episode! :)

Items mentioned

ARRL Technician Study Guide Book

Gordon West Technician Study Guide Book

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YARP Ep. 2 Pushing Back to July 30th.

YARP is a relatively new project, and we’ve been doing a lot of work to get all of our work organized and get conferences done. Some things have been quite sporadic and there’s been a lack of proper communication to all of the YARPers. Due to some of this miscommunication, we will be pushing the release of YARP Ep. 2 (Getting Your Liscence) to July 30th.