About Us

The Youth in Amateur Radio Podcast is proudly for and from the youngsters of Amateur Radio. We also have contributors who are a huge support to the youth of the hobby.

N0SSC Sterling Coffey Chief Host\Co-Editor\Secretary\Communications Manager

KD0NVX Jacob Keogh Chief Host\Editor

KD0LOS Joe Andrews Sub-Host\Multimedia Manager

NX7AZ Matthew Chambers Sub-Host

KD0BIK Jerry Taylor Executive Producer


Honorable Mentions:

KK4DWP Matthew Ullman Original Host of YARP

K2RCN Anthony Spinelli Previous Chief Host\Graphical Designer

One Response to About Us

  1. Ed Engleman says:

    Hi there, just finished listening to your podcast. Very nice indeed. I am the NC for the YACHT youth net on echolink every Sat. at 7pm on the MI echolink conference #96170 or IRLP#9617. I also run the YACHT team, and will copy your site to our large number of young hams throughout the U.S. and a few overseas. I also am the trustee and chief control operator at K8DAR, Menominee DAR Radio Club. Look for us at http://www.qrz.com/db/k8DAR. We are the only Boys & Girls club in the nation with a ham radio station.
    Keep up the good work, and I will continue to stop by and listen. Our youth are the future of ham radio.
    A weekly podcast would be nice, but its a lot of work, so go for whatever you feel is reasonable. BTW, I would love to have you or your other contributers check in to our YACHT net on Sat. evening.
    I am also the ASM for Youth in the ARRL Wisconsin section. 73, Ed KG8CX,

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