An Update on YARP


Jacob Keogh, KD0NVX gives you an update on the status of the Youth in Amateur Radio Podcast.

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2 Responses to An Update on YARP

  1. paulmshirey says:

    Might consider a different intro. It’s over-modulated and difficult to listen to

    • KD0NVX says:

      It’s not the intro (but definitely a good idea…I might actually consider making it the new intro and get rid of the old gaudy CW intro.)

      I’m not noticing any overmod on the recording… I normalized it before uploading it. I’m actually at school right now and the only way I’m noticing overmod is when I turn my iPhone 5′s earbuds to max…which may just be overdriving them. Converting from lossless formatting to mp3 may have caused overmod, but it’s chiptune, it shouldn’t be a problem.
      I’ll investigate when I get home.

      Jacob Keogh

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