Ep. 2- Getting Your License


Here is the long awaited Ep. 2 Getting Your License.

Show Notes

Do you have your license?

Let us know if you are a unlicensed listener so we can assist you with your license-earning escapades.

P.S. – Jacob’s still using a terrible mic…it’s either way too hot or whispering. Don’t worry, I’ll be upgraded by next episode! :)

Items mentioned

ARRL Technician Study Guide Book

Gordon West Technician Study Guide Book

Find a test session near you!

YARP Ep. 2 Pushing Back to July 30th.

YARP is a relatively new project, and we’ve been doing a lot of work to get all of our work organized and get conferences done. Some things have been quite sporadic and there’s been a lack of proper communication to all of the YARPers. Due to some of this miscommunication, we will be pushing the release of YARP Ep. 2 (Getting Your Liscence) to July 30th.

Every Two Weeks, or Monthly? You tell us.

We’ve been trying to decide whether we will be doing our podcasts bi-monthly, or monthly. It’s kind of hard to decide. Monthly would be easier, but we wouldn’t get to cover news that recently happened, but bi-monthly would be quite difficult producing everything in those two weeks. I believe we’re capable of bi-weekly podcasts, but we want your opinion. What do you think would be better to have?



Episode 1: Fresh Ham


Thanks for coming to our siteĀ  to listen to our first episode of Youth In Amateur Radio Podcast (YARP)!

This is our “test pilot” episode, and my audio (me being KD0NVX) is rudimentary, however, a MXL 990 is on the way!

Episode Notes:

In this episode…

Every person will appear and describe where they are from, their history in amateur radio, and what they do for amateur radio for the public, and in general.