YARP Ep. 5- The Amateur Radio Bands



Show Notes

In Episode 5 we discuss the characteristics of the amateur radio bands and we highlight a High School in St.Charles, Missouri, who is in the process of rebuilding a radio club for their students.

Links mentioned

Characteristics of Amateur Radio Bands

St. Charles High School Amateur Radio Club News Article

Kids Day



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We are still here!

Don’t worry, we are still here! We have been working hard on planning episode 4, which is all about the amateur bands, starting small with how repeaters work and how hf works. You can expect episode 4 to come out sometime in November! If you have anything you would like us to cover in future episodes, please let us know!

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Ep. 2- Getting Your License


Here is the long awaited Ep. 2 Getting Your License.

Show Notes

Do you have your license?

Let us know if you are a unlicensed listener so we can assist you with your license-earning escapades.

P.S. – Jacob’s still using a terrible mic…it’s either way too hot or whispering. Don’t worry, I’ll be upgraded by next episode! :)

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Gordon West Technician Study Guide Book

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