Episode 1: Fresh Ham


Thanks for coming to our site  to listen to our first episode of Youth In Amateur Radio Podcast (YARP)!

This is our “test pilot” episode, and my audio (me being KD0NVX) is rudimentary, however, a MXL 990 is on the way!

Episode Notes:

In this episode…

Every person will appear and describe where they are from, their history in amateur radio, and what they do for amateur radio for the public, and in general.

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10 Responses to Episode 1: Fresh Ham

  1. Keith, G6NHU says:

    I’ve listened to this podcast and I wish you well.

    A couple of constructive comments though.

    Please say your callsigns a little slower. A couple of you say them so quickly that I had trouble hearing them. Be proud of your callsigns and enunciate them clearly!

    On a similar line, I could barely understand what one of your contributors was saying. I listened in the car so it was a noisy environment which may not have helped but he was loud enough to be above the background noise, he just wasn’t clear. Listen to and learn from Jerry, KD0BIK who always speaks clearly and distinctly in his podcasts. I’m good with accents but really struggled.

    73 from England,

    Keith, G6NHU

    • Jacob Keogh says:

      Thanks, Keith.

      Joe (KD0LOS)’s audio was quite low, and I’m not sure whether the pod-casting software helped level the audio off very well, but next time I’ll have to amplify his audio a bit more, if it’s not higher. Also, my audio is pretty poor during Ep. 1, however, we’ll be getting some new mics for the next podcast.

      On another note is my speedy callsign-announcing, a lot of the olde timers on 2 meters don’t like it when I quickly identify and people can’t even tell what I’m saying, like (KayDeZeroEnVeX), so I guess that carried over to the podcast!

      Thanks for the Comment!

      de KD0NVX
      and the YARP Team

    • kd0los says:

      Thanks for the comment Keith! I will work on getting my audio better and my speech better to understand next time… I kind of went at a fast pace. Thank you for listening to the podcast!
      Joe KDØLOS and the youth in Amateur Radio Podcast Team

  2. Abbi (KF5BEW) says:

    I think it’s really admirable to see a podcast hosting site directed to young hams. I guess I’d consider myself one, at 15. I’m impressed with the website as there are not enough young hams getting involved.

    I got my license thanks to my friend failing her science project, and making me take a ham radio class at our local museum with her so she could make up her grade.

    My sister, KF5FYS, and I hold a Kids’ Net on our local repeater (W5EXI-R on EchoLink), every Thursday night at 7:00 (Central Standard Time).

    Great website–looking forward to more podcasts.


    • kd0los says:

      Thank you! I will be there on the net this evening!


      • Abbi (KF5BEW) says:

        I’m so sorry, I completely forgot we were doing a repeater drill down here–all of the repeaters were down so we ran the net on simplex. It WILL be held on the W5EXI repeater Thursday, the 28th. Thanks!

        • kd0los says:

          It’s fine! Sterling and I where around for a while waiting, but figured there might of been repeater down or something. We will try to check in next week!
          73 -KD0LOS

  3. Tim K6ACF says:

    Great job on your first podcast gentlemen. I will be checking back for more.

  4. Harold here,
    KR0SIV… I just wanted to say I love your podcast and would like to be included in some way in the future.
    I’m a 21 year old operator in Geneva, Ohio. I’ve been looking for younger operators (by younger I mean 25 and younger).

    I don’t hear from too many younger hams and I think it’d be nice to work with you at one point or another.
    Please get back to me

    • KD0NVX says:

      Thank you! Oh certainly. We’d love to interview any Youth ham on the show. There’s not many under 30 or so. It’s just the age gap there. It’s probably going to be there for a while until social norms change. :D

      -The YARP Team-

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