Every Two Weeks, or Monthly? You tell us.

We’ve been trying to decide whether we will be doing our podcasts bi-monthly, or monthly. It’s kind of hard to decide. Monthly would be easier, but we wouldn’t get to cover news that recently happened, but bi-monthly would be quite difficult producing everything in those two weeks. I believe we’re capable of bi-weekly podcasts, but we want your opinion. What do you think would be better to have?



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3 Responses to Every Two Weeks, or Monthly? You tell us.

  1. Tim K6ACF says:

    I suggest quality over quantity. Start with monthly and you can always increase the frequency (punintended) :-)

  2. Jim KK4DJX says:

    I vote for once a month for the regular podcast but you can always do a special shorter edition for breaking news, event coverage, etc..

    You kids are awesome.

  3. Paul KE5WMA says:

    Start with monthly, post news that can’t wait in a blog, and once you get some experience, go bi-monthly.

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